WordPress Comment Poster – Get More Backlinks To Your Website

Backlinking is the process whereby website owners refer to their website using their website url on other sites with the ultimate goal being more traffic to their respective websites. How this is accomplished is simply by leaving your website link using as many means as possible using numerous others sites in the form of blog comments, blogs,classified ads,social bookmarking sites and link directories . These links are left on other sites which all link back to your site.. Think of it as a vote for your site which gets spidered by Google and other major search engines with the goal of having the site where your backlink appears indexed and as a consequence your link indexed.

Many SEO experts think that due to presence of lot of flash files SEO keywords longer have great value. But you should remember that the search engine spiders first look for the keywords and other meta tags and then crawl in the rest of the page. SO we can say that if title tag is the caption for the site then SEO keywords give the overall scope of the information contained in your website.

Now we can use a http://keywordrankcheckertool.com/ checker tool program to check the ranking of the sites showing on the first page of our search for “keyword research tips”.There are many such tools for checking page rank, just do a web search to find one. I used Fire Fox keyword rank checker tool for this example.

The whole idea behind article marketing is to get your content and ultimately your website in front of other people. It’s not easy to get a natural listing for a high competition Keyword Rank Checker Tool easily, so most typical article marketing will involve a lower competition keyword. That combined with a submission to a high page ranking website is likely to give you a result on the front page of Google. By the way, Page Ranking is something which Google uses to work out how important each site is. Other search engines such as Yahoo! use something different, but works in a similar sort of way.

Give visitors what they want: Along the same lines as the above point, make sure to create your website to meet the needs of your customers. Instead of taking up the whole home page ranting about your company, put in information that your customers need (such as links to product pages, simple contact information, FAQs, prices, etc.). The website is for the customers, not for the company. Most visitors will not be interested in reading a company bio on the home page, but will be interested in clicking on a link to a product that they need.

Once you have a few good keywords you want to plump for, head over to Google (again) and put them into the search box one by one. Now you want to note down the type of sites which are appearing, and how strong they are.

Let me begin by saying you should never replicate someone else’s hard work. That said, you can write about anything. Review a product, a webinar, a company, an mlm guru, a compensation plan, a marketing strategy, etc, etc. Go to forums specific to your target niche and see what questions they are asking. Can you answer those questions? Create an article about it. Need inspiration? Go to websites like Digg, Ezine Articles or Better Networker. Have a different opinion to what you’re reading? Write an article and give your outlook. Get the idea?

It is only by tracking the results of your marketing that you can find out the steps you need to take in order to see your website rise in the ranks in the search engines. If you are not already tracking your results, then it is high time you started. Simply submitting one article after another and hoping for the best just doesn’t cut the mustard these days.