When Real Estate Prospecting, Don’t Forget This Most Important Step…

If you are a newer Real Estate agent, it’s pretty obvious that the days when placing a “For Sale” sign in the yard of a house and waiting for the calls to pour in is long gone. Agents are constantly hunting for new and creative ways to market their Real Estate listings. Since most of the country is turning to their computers to do the research for purchase from new shoes to new homes, many agents are beginning to advertise their listings online. While there are many options for online advertising, there are three that quickly come to mind.

Filing bankruptcy only temporarily pauses the foreclosure process, but does not stop it. However, the bankruptcy gives you a little more time to work the short sale angle.

Fix your credit. You probably cannot pay off everything, but you can make smart choices. Did you know certain debt looks worse than others do? If you have a choice of paying off that nagging low interest student loan or your credit cards. Choose the credit cards.

Reflect the room – This is a fantastic way to use a floor-length or other large-scale mirror. It gives the illusion of doubling your royal green freehold. To clarify the matter further: This is a great idea if the room you’re reflecting is cozy, inviting, and complete. This is not a good plan if the room you’re doubling is dismal, trashed, or dated.

Psychologist have studied for years (according to Sue Fox) that people will form impressions of you in the first four minutes! Four minutes! That is it ladies and gentlemen. About 80 percent of the impressions people get from us is our facial expressions and mannerisms. Nonverbal speaks much louder than verbal. Once you make a not so good impression it is difficult to turn that around and make things work in your favor again.

Your email signature is an easy way to show people you take your work seriously and what you’re up to. And the best part is you can let it promote your services on your behalf. It just becomes a part of your email.

24.If you are technical then offer support for software programs especially wordpress. People are always having issues with this software and there is money to be made by installing and customizing wordpress blogs.

Consult a professional. Work with a real estate agent or get the advice of a real estate attorney so that you can be sure that the legalities are all covered and the deal is a good one.