What Is Thatch And How Does It Relate To Lawn Care?

Lawn care is a competitive business just like any other industry. A great business name can help you in many ways but there is a lot to consider before you make your final selection. Here are some tips, tests and practical activities that will help to make the process of naming a lawn mowing business a breeze.

The first thing to do is to get a rain barrel installed in the home. A good rain barrel will help to collect rain over an extended period of time. This includes rain from gutters on a home. This can be useful but it will need to be prepared when the water is actually going to be used.

You have to THINK outside the box like marketing guru, Jay Abraham. Do things that others never even consider. Where are you going to get your customers? How are you going to contact them? Is there somebody ALREADY doing business with them?

The best way to treat dollar spot is through weekly application of a nitrogen fertilizer and plenty of watering. This will usually solve the problem, but if it doesn’t there are plenty of inexpensive fertilizer’s like Scott’s Fungus Control that will work well.

The first thing you need is your desire to start such a business. Ask yourself if you are okay with this type of business and if you can earn sufficient money out of it. Set your goal, plan your executive total lawn care and landscaping services, and work on it.

The height in which you cut your lawn will depend on the type of grass you have and how much shading or exposure the lawn care services has to the sun. If after you mow, your grass goes from green to brown and dry looking, this is usually a good sign you are cutting too much off or cutting it too low.

Also avoid watering at times that tend to be windy, as this will blow too much of the water away. You want the air to be calm and cool when you water. Early morning is good in most places, but it’s always good to check with a local garden center for further advice.

Last but certainly not least, consider this the biggest roadblock to starting your own home business. Fear. So, as my wife would say – just get over yourself. Most successful home business owners ( or ANY business owner for that matter ) will tell you to just do it. Don’t get everyone’s opinion. The less you talk about your planned venture the closer you move toward pulling it off. Keep it a secret and surprise them when you’re up and running!