What Does Sock Money Mean?

You’ve likely seen the sweaty boob of a cashier in the aisles of a store. The sexy lingo behind “No Sweaty Boob or Sock Money” however, is a clever and humorous explanation. The term is used to describe a short stocking. The verb “sock away,” refers to putting money into the stocking.

The Victorian Age saw the first toys for stuffed animals and they’ve been an emblem of American pop culture for almost a century. Sock monkeys are made from a pair of socks and are often shaped into animals. They can be worn on the feet or hang from a string. These funky toys are popular with children and adults of all different ages. You can even find socks that sing!

The sock monkey is the official state animal of Illinois. John Nelson, who accidentally adopted two monkeys from an antique market in 1857 was the first person to popularize the sock monkey. The sock monkey’s name was later changed to the creation of a museum for stuffed animals. Since then, the museum has opened its doors to the public. The gift shop and the museum are currently open during winter. They will be closed by April 15. The museum houses over 21,000 sock monkeys. Admission is free, and a part of the money is donated to Chimp Sanctuary Northwest.

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