Water Pipes: Tips On Using And Cleaning

My user name says it all, but in all honesty I haven’t touched the Mary Jane since I was a teen. 18 to be precise. However at one time I was a green grass specialist. hehe. When you smoked the way I did you had it all (except for money, because I spent most of it on all my special skunks), as the pot fanatic I was, I had to have unique ways to smoking it. You know, bongs, hammers, water pipes, and of course your standard cheap gas station glass pipe.

The positives of smoking for glass is that you fully taste the tobacco while smoking. Cigarettes don’t even do this. One will become to love the taste of tobacco after smoking from a pipe. Another great positive from smoking glass blown pipes is that they don’t make you smell like tobacco after smoking. With cigarettes you will most likely reek of smoking after. Glass tobacco pipes do not leave this odor on your close or bodies after smoking.

The primary reason glass bubblers are preferred is because of the transparency that comes with it. This allows you to see the smoke circulating in water before you inhale, adding to the experience. Since the surface of the bubbler is pretty smooth, it handles pretty easy. The fact that the bubbler comes in many different designs also makes it a collectors’ item with several versions to be had. Another advantage is that they do not heat up thanks to the use of water.

Another great way to clean your pipe is to put water, rubbing alcohol and sea salt into the bag. Shake the bag in till completely cleaned. You will see the resin dirtying up the water. I would shake the bag vigorously for about 5 min. After take your piece out. Rinse it a couple times under water and it will be ready to smoke again.

For those who can’t resist smoking, I have got something. You might love to be in company of your friends and smoke collectively. How would you feel when in your group, your smoking style becomes completely different? Yea, exactly, there is something beyond those paper cigarettes that can make you look and smoke in a different way. I am not talking of any thing that is new to the market. This product, which I am talking about, is very old. It has been there from the tribal ages. But the fact is it has been diminishing and loosing its identity some where. I am talking about hand pipes. You might have seen some Hollywood star bubbling out smoke through these Hand pipes. Remember that. Let me ask- can those paper cigarettes stand a chance against these tobacco custom glass pipes. No way.

The thoughts were haunting me, almost challenging me. “Who am I?” In my 27 years on this planet, I have never asked myself that question. Paranoia overwhelmed me. I was tired but couldn’t sleep. My mind was racing but I could barely move my body. I began to get the sneaking suspicion that I wasn’t dreaming.

Remember to smoke responsibly and that this pipe is usually for tobacco. To smoke tobacco in the U.S. you must be at least 18. Also remember that tobacco can cause certain health problems so smoke at your own risk. Enjoy your pipe.