Traffic Warning: Is Your Website Template “Killing” Your Search Engine Rankings?

Internet progressed by a lot in the last few decades. Today, big companies as well, want to create a web existence for themselves. Be it for general reasons or be it to advertise items or solutions, companies preserves their own web page. The variety of sites on the Community Wide Web has grown hugely. There are an incredible number of sites on the Online at present! The variety is improving day-by-day. Having a web page to signify your company may offer as an power. However, merely having a web page is not going to satisfy the requirements, especially if you plan to create dealings online.

In his new book Stomping the Search Engines Fallon tells you how a little business can take on the giants. You can get better search engine recognition for your small home business than some of the huge national chains that aren’t on the front page of Google. It is amazing how you can increase online sales once you learn how SEO works.

My SEO efforts and should translate into steady rise of my keywords in Search rankings? I agree it seems reasonable to expect that after 2 months of SEO effort you would see a steady rise in the search listings, but it does not work that way. Search engines update their listings every 2 – 3 months. What you will notice however is a quantum leap after you have been showing consistency in building user value, and building quality links.

Personally I stay away from very competitive keywords unless your business depends on it or your pride. In my case I want to rank #1 for the keyword “Freelance SEO Expert In Delhi“. It’s very competitive, but very relevant so I don’t mind spending a year or so chasing it. But would I spend my time trying to rank for the keyword “SEO”? You get it.

This lays the groundwork for devising a specific tailor made plan that will be effective for your company. Without knowing the above answers, I would be shooting in the dark as to how to increase your search engine rankings effectively.

Write articles and submit them to article directories. Writing and submitting articles is a free and easy way to drive traffic back to your website. Article directories are a huge hype with new ones sprouting up all over. When a webmaster or blogger uses one of your articles it increases your web exposure though backlinks to your blog or website.

So, do your part and make sure the content on your web site is worth visiting. You won’t regret it. It will be more repeat visitors and visitors that stay longer with each visit. Don’t relay solely on SEO tricks. It will only get you so far.