Top Ten Ways To Care For Hair

This week has been wonderful. Although I did battle somewhat with a stomach bug, things went pretty well. The plan which I started two weeks ago after Labor Day is part of a Labor Day to Halloween wellness challenge for Inland Empire moms.

To add extra fun to the elimination challenge, the stylists had to choose from a variety of household utensils – – from box cutters to hedge clippers – – with which to cut their model’s hair. Evangelin, who chose to use the hedge clippers, proved that talent could overcome negative odds. She walked away with the top prize.

Another great party for animal lovers is the “Runway Hair for our Furry Friends”, a fashion show at the Halo mobile spa services johannesburg on Friday, April 29th. The event is a benefit for A Chance for Bliss, a non-profit animal organization that cares for senior and special needs animals.

Melvie told me she thought I should keep my hair long but trim a few inches, and showed me exactly where she planned on cutting it. She also suggested some long layers throughout to give my hair volume – something it desperately needed – and showed me how and why she was cutting it the way she did. In the end, I wound up with a haircut that I really liked and I got to keep my hair long. Melvie has over 16 years of experience and it shows. She knows what looks good on each face shape and cuts hair to suit each client.

Anti-aging Treatments: More and more men are lining up to try and get rid of those crows feet and unsightly lines. Make him an appointment for microdermabrasion or an Oxygen Infusion treatment. He’ll never look better!

NO! Do not pull at your lashes in any event. If you have lashes coming off or any other issue with them, contact your service provider so they can remove/repair it for you.

Owner and 19-year-veteran groomer Laura Rosen uses a wide range of shampoos such as oatmeal, medicated, hypoallergenic and several all-natural varieties to meet the specific needs of each pup. The “basic wash and cut” is the theme here and all pups are hand-dried with forced air, low-heat dryers. A small retail shop in the waiting area offers a few collar styles, leashes and nutritional treats.