The Zebra S4m – Economical Choice For Reliable Bar Code Printing

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First you need to have a printer already successfully installed on one of your computers. Make sure your printer is turned on and the printer is working properly.

Owner satisfaction with this device has been mostly favorable as expressed on web forums. Most complaints have focused on the lack of a plug and play function which caused confusion about the correct copystar drivers to download. Many owners did not understand that the copystar drivers for the ML 1510 was the correct driver to download. Once that confusion is cleared up, there are few complaints about this version.

The downside to using a registry cleaner is; if you want to use a trustworthy one you will have to buy it. Though they are not expensive, good ones are not free. On the other hand, reinstalling the printer is easy and the driver is probably already on the hard drive and can be reinstalled without using a CD. Though this is not always true and sometimes you will have to find the CD-ROM that came with the printer so you can reinstall it properly.

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