The Top Ten Halloween Attractions In Dallas And Ft. Worth

Whether you live in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, or even Illinois, Sandusky, Ohio is a great place for a quick weekend or three day getaway. Sandusky is located in the northwest part of Ohio and sports great family fun in both the winter and summer. Sandusky offers Cedar Point, Kalahari Resort, and Great Wolf Lodge to just name a few weekend getaways. Our family takes long weekends in Sandusky at least three times a year.

When you enter the Arch you are in for a real treat as there are several different activities you can choose from. There is of course the tram that you can take to go to the top of the Arch, The Museum Of Westward Expansion, as well as a theater showing the journeys of Lewis and Clark. I highly advise if you plan on riding the tram to the top that you purchase your tickets immediatly upon arrival or in advance. Depending on the day, tram tickets can sell out and it would be a shame to miss that part of your visit.

After animatronic dinosaur suppliers Hollywood Studios the tour group moves to Wilderness Lodge for lunch at Whispering Canyon Cafe. Lunch is included in the fee for the tour, of course. The cast members, known as waitresses in the real world, are fun characters and can be especially entertaining on the Backstage Tour.

Still at the top of the list for toddlers between the ages of about four and six is Tickle Me Elmo TMX. There is something about his three tickle points on his chin, tummy, and toes and his contagious, floor rolling laughter that continues to keep kids enthralled with the little furry red guy. Elmo retails for around $40 if you are lucky enough to find him in the store.

Tower of Terror at Disney Hollywood Studio and Dr. Doom’s Fear Fall at Islands of Adventure. As you’ve been reading so far, you might have sensed a bit of a bias towards the Universal rides. I have to admit that in the previous three descriptions, I prefer the Universal offers. But out of these two, Tower of Terror wins hands-down. Doom is a standard shoot ’em up into the sky ride, while Tower is the opposite because it drops you down. But they both bounce you up and down, so I’m classifying them together. For Doom, the drop is the big excitement factor, but other than the view there’s nothing really special about it. I love the dark ride effects on Tower that lead up to the big moment. It’s especially fun to ride at night, when the park lights sparkle below like a neon and halogen rainbow.

The best part of the Great Wolf Lodge is their attention to the little details. At 8 P.M., you can go down to their 3 story lobby with the Great Clock Tower and watch the animatronic dinosaur suppliers puppet show. Then shortly after that, one of the staff will sit down and read a story to the children.

Thomas Town was the first to lose its theme. The trains will stay but the face will go. It will now be just an unbranded whistle-stop depot. Several Six Flags parks built a Thomas Town in their parks since 2007, and all of them will get the same treatment as Six Flags cuts the licensing agreement. But while painting over a few Thomas the Train references were simple enough, the Terminator: Salvation coaster won’t be so easy — and Six Flags is taking a much bigger financial hit.

You should also be prepared to get quite the workout in. The slides are located at the very top of the room which means 4 flights of steps for each trip down a slide.