The Tale Of My First Tattoo

Protecting your tattoo to get the best results as well as a tattoo that will last you a lifetime starts before you ever have a single dot of ink on your skin. In fact, it starts before you ever even walk into the shop to get your ink done. Protecting your tattoo starts right at the planning stages.

One of the sought after tattoo trend for women is words written in different calligraphic styles. The words can be name of a loved ones, it might bear some religious meaning, or might just act as a status symbol. Another trend is the carefully and gracefully designed image that resembles feminism. This might be a beautifully made butterfly or a bird or might even be shapes like a heart. A great eye for detailing is required for this.

Small foot tattoos are very often a striking tattoo design. Designs that are used for feet tattoos are usually small, simple designs, but some can be quite articulate. Tattoos can be very personal and can reflect the different aspects of a person’s personality. People often choose small tattoo equipment, which are very easy to hide so they will not cause problems at work, for example. The area available for body art on the foot is relatively small, so it is important to choose a small design, such as a hummingbird tattoo. If you want to have an elaborate foot tattoo design, and are not very concerned about the visibility, you can start at your foot and go all the way up your leg to your waist. Hummingbird tattoos with vines and flowers would be a great design.

For example, I have a tribal design first started over ten years ago on my left thigh. Over the years I have added further sections to it, taking it down to my lower thigh. Although the individual work has been completed over many years, none of the tattoo has aged or changed in any way. It looks like one solid tattoo completed in one sitting.

They come in all shapes and sizes. You can get tattoos that are as small as the tip of a nail or ones that are so big they can cover whole parts of your body, if not the whole thing. Tribal designs, butterflies, and names are some top tattoos that people get.

Other methods are quite ineffective and leave much deeper and uglier scars. An example would be the so-called excision, a surgical method used to cut the tattoo equipment ebay away and sew the skin afterwards.

The most important piece of tattoo equipment is of course the tattoo machine. Without this, no artwork can be put on the human body. There are a wide range of tattoo machines available, and choosing a high quality one is highly recommended. They are often made out of durable materials such as brass and iron, and their stylistic qualities are often important for the purchaser, so they look good in the studio.

All said and done, there is a huge scope for growth in tattoo business especially catering to women’s category. More new creative designs to attract more female customers are the need of the hour. Surely an important fashion item for future.