Talent And Inspiration

‘SALES’ is a difficult field. It can take the wind out of your sails. After all, convincing someone of an idea that even you do not sometimes believe in has got to be a difficult job. You have first got to formulate strategies to beat the counter question of a would-be buyer. You cannot try unethical means to realize sales of course. So what enables you to take up this challenge on a lean curve?

The first tip is to focus on getting stronger. Most people who start a workout program usually focus on how they look on the outside. Instead of focusing on how you look on the outside, focus on how much stronger you are getting with each workout. The feeling of lifting heavier weight or doing more reps will give you the motivation you need to improve your next workout.

Somewhere in week three you notice things are slowing down again and maybe it’s not quite so important to get to the gym EVERY workout… Besides, you decide, it was naive to think you’d be able to keep moving forward that fast. After all, no one else does either, right? Even on bad days you’re doing as much as the next person, and you’re still smarter, better looking and more likable than them anyway.

Make sure your role models align with the areas in your life that you are passionate about, because it’s important to determine whether they are the source of follow me that is most important to you right now.

Now you might say ‘But I have tried to do things differently may times but I have not succeeded’. There is a really good reason for this and guess what it’s not your fault. It all has to do with your brain. There are three major reasons.

The other day I shared with a fellow entrepreneur (she’s also a friend and a proven inspirational leader) a powerful experience which served as an example of all these inspirational elements at work, in concert with one another. It was scheduled as a simple breakfast meeting, during which we were to discuss details of an ambitious project which will be a joint venture of our two firms. An hour, maybe ninety minutes. And while we did spend a good 45 minutes at the end of the meeting taking good care of our project business, the discussion lasted almost three-and-a-half hours and was dominated by contemplation of a difficult personal situation in which my friend finds herself.

Well there you have the 4 types of motivation. I hope you are able to use this information to start making the needed changes in your life. Remember motivation is all about reasons.