Retirement Work – More Work At Home Ideas

Are you in search of a small home based business opportunity? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of people every day look for a way to finally be free of their job and make their dreams come true. Though it sometimes seems there aren’t that many options when it comes to making money from home, there are many more than what first come to mind.

2) Free Business Exposure. The minute I signed up in my local trade group, my small marketing company was put in front of hundreds of other area businesses I never would have reached.

Build a website for your office cleaning company. Many people search for what they need online and having your own website will be an advantage. Future customers can find you on the net if you had a site. Include contact info on your site like your phone number and email. Place a number of packages that clients can choose from and put a teaser with a low price to entice people to call you to get prices for other services you offer.

Zumba Fitness Instructor – Fitness is huge today because more people are concerned about their health. First Lady, Michelle Obama has lead the nation in, “Let’s Move;” so see if you qualify to be a Zumba or Fitness Instructor.

Is more excitement what you need? Perhaps you should look into becoming a bounty hunter or video game tester. Bounty hunters (bail enforcement) are desperately needed all over the country! And if you’re a big gamer, companies will pay you HUGE money to test new video games. If you need an adrenalin rush, one of these may be the small home based business opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

If you do, you may be doing your business a disservice. There are lots of reasons why you should be giving as much attention to the outside of your premises as you do to the inside. And not all of them have anything to do with your employees.

Visit business establishments in your town. When you make the rounds, bring enough fliers, calling cards and brochures. It would also be a good idea to have written proposals that you can give office managers that state different cleaning services you offer with prices. Don’t give out your lowest price immediately so leverage to negotiate later.

In choosing a provider, make sure you know what is included in your contract. Some provide only basic transportation services. Others include furniture planning and procurement, interior design, electronic installations, even office cleaning. Choose according to your company’s own needs, and don’t take shortcuts, which are guaranteed to cost you more in the long run.