Public Speaking – Beat Nervousness And Control The Adrenaline Rush

Handling any kind of major changes for a group can be difficult, but not for the business speaker. The reactions by many people are not what you might expect and you are introduced to many new problems. This is the time when you need to lessen the possibilities of errors that could come about by looking into a few tips.

The fact of the matter is that over a lifetime, employees have been sold a “bill of goods” from friends, family, society, the media and even their employers that when an employee finds the perfect job, then they will be happy. More and more organizations are doing what they can to provide a productive and positive working environment for their employees but not once has any company installed a happiness bar (think juice-bar). You don’t dispense happiness from a tap.

Leaders know they are judged not by what they say but by what they do – simply stated, leaders value actions over words. They know that they must lead by example. They know (I hope they do) that people – their team, peers, bosses and even competitors and adversaries are always watching them.

The host of this little endeavor was Portsmouth’s own H.E.R. Shelter – a domestic violence shelter. The goal of the day was to unveil a tremendously needed men’s mentoring program, where men would be challenged to invest in the lives of young boys and teach them how to grow up to be “real men”, learning to treat women with respect. The professional speaker was ODU’s own Head Football Coach, Mr. Bobby Wilder.

Santorum’s new birther mess found a new line – With a first name like Stanley, he said; referring to the President’s mother’s first name, she couldn’t have been a man. Nobody name a girl Stanley. Perhaps she had a sex corporate keynote speaker change therefore she couldn’t have given birth to Obama. Therefore, he must be an illegitimate president. Ho-ho, sounds like the last time we had a president. Appointed but not elected. This President, Barack Obama; that is, by all account, was duly elected by the nation overwhelmingly opposite a war hero. End of case!

Contacting people early is a commandment of Atlanta event management. But what about when you can’t contact people early? What if someone cancels at the last minute and you’re scrambling for a replacement? This kind of thing can be avoided if you plan for problems when you start the Atlanta event management process. Have one or two people that can fill in at the last minute. Or plan some sort of audiovisual presentation to fill in any gaps left by cancellations.

You can also send and email version of what you’re sending to him by mail. Follow-up with a phone call in a week or so just to make sure he’s gotten the invitation. If you’ve given plenty of time to set a date and the keynote speaker has had the time to read what you’ve sent…there should be no reason to be turned down. Of course if he’s already booked, then kindly ask if he has a recommendation to take his place. You should have a great turnout and you’ll get the credit for selecting such a fine speaker!