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How To Quickly & Easily Generate Huge Amounts of Backlinks With Simple Push-Button Software That Will Help Your Websites Reach Page 1 On Google, Yahoo and MSN, On Complete Autopilot! They say article marketing is a fundamental concept when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. A cornerstone, if you will. And I couldn’t agree more. Not only does article marketing get your website found by search engines faster, it will also increase where you rank amongst your competitors.

But what can you do? We don’t have much time, and writing a completely unique article each time for each directory is real hard. In fact, in many cases it may even not provide a bang for a buck that you have to produce to succeed, even if all you spend is your own free time.

You can also write articles as blog posts on your website with links to an affiliate product, for example. You hope that Google will pick up your articles and that you will get to the top of Page One. And if you write enough articles then you may just do that. However, the problem with all this is the time it takes. You could, of course, outsource the article writing, but that costs money.

For example, network marketing is actually a wide-ranging short-tail keyword phrase that you would in all probability in no way rank for without having a good deal of time, energy and funds spent. Who actually desires to try that? I do not.

Rewriting your articles is a smart way to increase your output. Now with leading edge technology the best article rewriter tool review ever developed delivers what it promises. No more automated gobbly-gook that has to be rewritten to be published.

This does not mean being promotional (the P-word to be avoided, by the way) but telling them why you can trust you. Maybe you had this same experience 5 years ago and you came up with a solution you want to share with them. Or perhaps people email you daily, desperate for the answer to this one question. Let them know that, briefly, then go into your answer.

Finally, after putting these things in mind, start writing like a madman and don’t stop until you’re done. Taking too many pauses will only break your momentum. When that happens, you will find it hard to regain your mood to write. You can choose a kind of article rewriter to help you rewrite articles. Writing or rewriting articles takes a lot of practice. Be patient and sooner or later you’ll see yourself writing articles as fast as hell.