My Network Marketing Secret For Attracting Prospects To My Business Opportunity

Halo 4 . . . PS Vita . . . Wii U . . . Yes, the annual E3 keynotes have come and gone, and there is a lot of information to pick through. In this article, we’ll give a quick breakdown of each of the keynotes, what was good, what wasn’t, and who won. Let’s Examine!

I’ve seen other speakers arrive onstage astride a Harley-Davidson, or pushed on seemingly asleep in a bed. However… this is only for those who are VERY confident of being able to pull it off, and is a high-risk gambit (Microsoft scott levy fuel Steve Ballmer’s histrionic, over-the-top opening at one company conference virtually made him a laughing stock; watch it on YouTube) – the rest of your talk needs to just as impactful, or it will be incongruent.

I recently heard an art gallery owner (talking to a Board of Directors on why more and more companies are investing in works of art) begin his presentation with the sentence, “When the Twin Towers were destroyed on 9/11, over $155 million worth of corporate art went up in smoke… ” Wow! $155 million? He had our attention right away – who had heard that before?

Because he knows he will attract the right kind of clientele who need to hear about his leadership techniques. There are very few “former Southwest CEO’s” out there on the lecture circuit. He has his own style of presentation that is uniquely his and his alone. Whether or not he is aware of the spiritual law of giving principles, he certainly walks the talk. Not only has he reached out to me and opened some doors in the world of speaking, but he has also told others about me, just like I have told others about Wendy.

Somewhat disappointing was that there were no specs given during the keynote (1080p, internal flash, 4 USB inputs, and proprietary high density optical discs were confirmed after the keynote). Also disappointing was that the only game announced was Lego Cities. No Mario, Zelda, Metroid to be found, although you know those can’t be far behind. Also disappointing was that there was only Wii U tech demos, nothing substantial. And finally, the 3DS. It’s going to be interesting to see how they will compete with the Vita. A year head start is nothing to sneeze at, but it looks like the Vita might deliver a better all around experience than Nintendo is offering. The 3DS game presented didn’t stand out like the Vita games did, period.

Marketing really starts with choosing a niche, domain name, website hosting and finding products to sell. Then you will need help learning how to promote your new business online.

If you’re an existing business and struggling for clarity, where else could you look to for help in focusing yourself? A really good starting point to look for inspiration is your customers. Ask them why they buy from you? Ask them if they are delighted with your product or service. If not, why not? If yes, then why? Both answers lead you to a place of focusing on correcting something in order to do it better. Or it could mean focusing on what you’re already doing well and doing more of it for more customers. If you are a new startup venture and don’t have any customers yet, go out and ask people who would be good target buyers of your product. Ask them what they think about the idea and whether they would purchase it. If not, why not? If yes, then why?

With all this going on maybe taking a look at you career and your career planning should be more that a once every three month event. Keep alert daily what is going on around you. With this strategy you’ll be better able to quickly adjust to the ever changing employment scene and put your career on the track to success.