Micro Niche Marketing – How To Blog Your Way To Micro Niche Dominance

Nowadays, the arena of home business is continuously exploding. Thus, earning $500 from online business in just one week is definitely possible as long as you come in the right place and choose the right home business for yourself. Here is an article that will show you how to do that and earn $500 at the comfort of your own home.

Choose an obscure domain name. Make sure the name you select has no relevance to the content of your site, to you or your business. Whatever you do make sure the domain name contains NO keywords that would indicate what your site is about and attract attention when someone searches for a site with your content or product.

That is why another way of getting a home loan is by dealing with a mortgage lender. But, believe me, loan lenders are also quite tricky people who will surely try to find methods to squeeze the most possible amount of money out of their clients. There are plenty of tricks loan lenders have in order to get money out of their borrowers and it is quite necessary to avoid falling for these tricks. Many loan lenders offer something that called a teaser rate. This means that your initial rate may be 3% lower than other rates. But after the first year your rate will be much higher! Always avoid dealing with such type of home lenders.

A lot of people don’t make any money online because they are in a niche that does not pay well. If this is you – then change niches as fast as you can.

That’s right, before you sign up for any accounts, before you learn the first thing about how to start a Norway blog, you will need content. Here is the good news, you do not need to be a Pulitzer prize winning author, you just need an opinion and a lot of passion. Start by creating about 3-5 articles of about 400 words each and save them on to your favorite word processing software.

When I cruised financial blogs and read comments from readers out there, I saw some criticism and skepticism about Suze Orman’s take on the AIG bailout, a rescue she supported, noting this when speaking on the Larry King show (you can find the video link at the CNN site above). I tend to listen when Orman speaks because, as noted above, she was able to not only answer my financial questions but she saved me tons of money. As a result, I started saving even more aggressively for retirement and tweaked some health care plans.

Nothing in it for you by sharing. One of the biggest misconception about online social networking is believing that there is nothing in it for you when you freely link out to others. True, there is really NOTHING in it for you…for now. But with rife business competition going on right now in cyberspace, you need to see the bigger picture. In the long run, more people will find you intriguing and friendly.

Make it personal. If you’re more than a one-man or one-woman show, you might consider doing individual blogs. The people who help you provide your excellent services can have a blog of their own, tailored to their lives at work and home. Some successful blogs have been about working while raising children, starting the business and even blogs in which employees document their progress through a particular project or process.