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We will cover what is and what is not plagiarism first, then we will cover the best ways of creating a plagiarism free article. It is easier than you may think to avoid plagiarism and the reputation of being a copier or a thief, but at the same time if you write prolifically you can fall into the catch 22 trap of plagiarism.

So what you can do is this? Market yourself as an article rewriter tool reviews, charge about $5~7 for a 400 word article (the average size). Of course, you’ll be inundated with orders, so you’ll have to regulate the flow of orders somehow. Make sure the quality is high, so that your credibility doesn’t go down and your existing clients will continue to order from you. Make sure you get your money at least 50% upfront, or even all of it – because clients sometimes don’t pay afterwards.

It’s really unfortunate article creators that because of bad unprofessional content writers the good ones are getting a bad name. Great content writers are around, you just have to do some shopping around and use your better judgement. Just see to it that you’re not being hasty in any way.

I’m so saddened for everyone in the world who’s a content creator. I keep thinking surely to God there’s got to be some way for somebody to pay these people again. (Laughs). It’s pathetic that nobody will ever be able to get paid a reasonable sum again for writing songs.

The articles you write must be personal, and I mean that in a couple of ways. First, you have to identify with your reader. Let them know that you’ve done your homework and you understand their pain.

Free quotes are also popular calls to action. A mortgage banker may offer a free quote for a home buyer or an insurance agent may offer a free car insurance quote with comparisons from rival companies.

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