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The word ‘backing’ has been bandied about for a while now, the implication being that if paper ‘money’ is ‘backed’ by something real, then that ‘money’ will somehow be perceived as being ‘real money’.

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The first currency in the pair is the divisor. The second is the dividend and the last price is the quotient. The value you see on your screen is how many U.S. dollars (USD) it would take to buy the paired currency.

Almost something like 90% of the transactions in the Crypto Info, Price, Review and Analysis market take place in the major pairs. These pairs are considered to be the most traded pairs with the smallest spreads and are highly liquid. Now, you need to understand this thing. Spread is the bid/ask price that the broker charges from you. For example, the broker may sell one standard lot of EURUSD for 1.3423 and buy one standard lot of EURUSD for 1.3424. The difference between the bid/ask price is the spread. In this case this, is 1 pip.

It is a way to store your Bitcoin s. Specifically, it is software that has been designed to store Bitcoin. It can be run on your desktop computer, laptop, mobile device (except, as yet, Apple) and can also be made to store bitcoins on things like thumb drives. If you are concerned about being hacked, then that is a good option. Even the Winklevoss* twins, who have millions invested in bitcoin, put their investment on hard drives which they then put into a safety deposit box.

So where is the trading? The actual trading in the e-currency exchange program takes place in your console. Within a console a user can move funds for other people wishing to transfer funds from one e-currency to another. When you process this transaction for somebody else, you collect a 6% fee on the total amount transferred. For example, if you processed a $2,000 outxchange, your profits would be 6% of $2,000 which puts in your account $120 profit. People are constantly requesting outxchange and inexchanges. It’s common to receive 3 to 4 outxchanges to process in a given day.

The wise way is test the signals out with your practice account at first. When you find the signals are good then try to open a mini account. Soon after you clearly see the statistical report of the signals’ performance you may have more confidence to trade your standard account with the assistance of the currency signals.

There is talk if the new currency was fully backed by gold that with the current U.S. debt, gold in dollar terms would have to rise to $6300 per ounce. Of course as our debt as well as the interest rates continues to go up to pay down the debt, that number could go much higher. Whether or not if gold becomes part of a new currency backing or it fully backs the new proposed currency, it is very bullish for the price of gold. Any small dips that we see in the price of gold today represent great buying opportunities for tremendous profits ahead!