Ghost Hunting Dog Joins The Taps Cast On ‘Ghost Hunters’

I do NOT waste space with matches. In the space taken up by 6 or 8 waterproof matches, I’ve put a mini Bic lighter. It’s the choice between starting 6 fires or 600. The magnesium flint bar can start THOUSANDS of fires, and is 100% waterproof. (about $5-$7 in any camping goods store, Wal-Mart, etc).

An excellent 60 minute introduction to a topic with a good summary introduction to wilderness survival techniques. Obviously, this stuff will race by too fast to soak up the details, but the DVD format naturally allows for repeated viewings and note-taking. By no means should it be more than a supplement for a good book on the subject, at the least. That said, as a supplement, it does provide a helpful visual perspective for the armchair adventurer.

TODD: Of course all the buildings are gone now, replaced by a huge park. The only physical evidence we have this aside for the urban legend itself, is an old grave with the epitaph – “Hollowed And Hushed Be The Place Of The Dead, Speak Softly, Bow Head”. This is at the actual grave of the lady who danced herself to death, near the front edge of the park. I met Patty there and we actually looked at some of the tools of her trade. Patty, what were we actually looking for that day on that spot where legend proclaims as place of paranormal event?

PATTY: Different, different, different reasons. Some people, when they die, let’s say they’re killed immediately, they don’t realize that they’ve passed. So, I’ll just give you an example. Let’s say a lady drops her kids off at school, she kisses them, and says, ” Okay, Baby, I’ll pick you up at three o’ clock, as soon as school’s off.,” she enters the highway and BAM, this big truck hits her, kills her instantly, but in her reality she’s still driving home, and she gets home, and for twenty years she cleans the house waiting for three o’ clock to come, but it never comes, because time is different.

Not every medical transcriptionist works at home, but it’s a goal for many people who become interested in this career. Do your training online, and you learn how to cope with working from home. You have to set your own schedule, motivate yourself and even deal with the fact that you aren’t interacting with your classmates in person. It’s not for everyone, and the sooner you find out if you like working that way, the better.

Well, each person had a certain talent which gave them access to a certain commodity…one has fish, another can provide best drop away arrow rest, another can put a roof over both of their heads while they are doing what they do best.

TODD: Well, in my world, in the world where I work with missing and unidentified, we’ve all had this question, If they can talk, why don’t these people see that they have family members looking for them? Why can’t they just tell us, or give us a message and lead us to the point, or is it just totally irrelevant to them?

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