Find Your Next Job Using The Internet

When I first came in to contact with internet marketing it was through a company called Carbon Copy PRO. The pitch to join them was that they would teach you how to sell anything, to anyone, anywhere and that once you knew how to market online you would have a valuable skill that would allow you to succeed in any business.

So if most of your employees would score in the 15% range on the phone right now, (remember, if they scored above 80% they would close three times more sales) how many opportunities are you missing? How many customers are hanging up the phone, never ordering and never walking into your business because your employees have never been trained well? Ask yourself: Are your employees getting the sale on the phone? Are they trying get the sale? Are they even nice when a customer calls?

Not Updating Your Website on a Regular Basis. Just to clarify – regular does not mean once every 5 years! Content on the web is like produce at the grocery store. Everything has a sell by date on it. Your information will constantly be piled “on top of” by others who are creating newer information. The easiest way to stay current is with a blog hosted on your main website. A What’s New section on your home page is great, and a very good place for specials or coupon (that change on a regular basis!). Updates can be made “off-site” also. A great strategy is to upload new videos to YouTube or publish articles that link to your website. Try to do this once a week or once a month at the very least. Consistency counts!

Ski Resort Jobs: If you like the snow, there is no better job than working on the slopes. From a ski instructor to a coffee server, working in the resorts is a great way to combine skiing/snowboarding while still being able to afford to go out and enjoy yourself.

I know that this thought is a bit sci-fi but it stands as a great example of the speed and effect of the developing connectedness in this world. It was not long ago that you left home in a car and had to wait until your next stop to use the phone. Today it is call whenever and from wherever. If you would rather not call just send an email, text, or hop onto Facebook, Twitter, LionkedIn, or one of the other hundreds of social media outlets to connect here and now.

Your profile needs to be 100% complete – linkedin profiles states that you are “40 times more likely to receive an opportunity” when your profile is 100% complete. This helpful video series even lists all the requirements for a 100% complete profile. Since LinkedIn changed it’s requirements in February 2012, you have no excuse to leave it unfinished.

Checking on Monster, CareerBuilder, Jobing and Craigslist right now is a fast track to a bad mood. Seeing a decline in the amount of available jobs can have a very disheartening effect.

Want to spread out your efforts? Go ahead and rally the troops to help you out with your marketing. Know a great designer? Do a trade out for help with a web design project. Have opinionated friends? Give them space to post on your blog. Combine efforts with others for a more effective marketing mix overall.