Cd Duplication- 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Do It Yourself

Getting your band’s album made costs a lot of money, at nearly every stage of the process. Recording an album is notoriously expensive, as some studios charge hundreds of dollars per hour, and the replication process can easily set you back about a grand or so. However, with some planning, it’s possible to greatly reduce the cost of CD replication and duplication.

cd duplication nashville tn companies say they accept orders as few as 1 unit but of course, you know this will cost you more. If you’re just going to send your CDs out to families and friends, then I suggest you just burn your discs at home and package it in a sturdy recycled paper to have a DIY appeal.

Take a look at the companies around you that offer DVD and CD printing services. Try to get references from people you know too. This will help in understanding the best ones among the lot. You can also seek the aid of internet reviews. There are many web portals that discuss about the companies that deal with disc duplication, replication and other services. You can choose the companies based on their locations or other preferences. Having few options to compare is always the best thing to do I order to enjoy the best services.

Now we will get into how both forms of media actually work. What must first be known is that all CDs store information on them in a digital format, meaning data is read off the media as ones and zeros.

The cd duplications company may ask you to provide two copies of your master so they have a back-up copy if needed. This is generally a good idea, because if anything happens to one copy they can immediately go to the second copy without delay. If this is the case always make sure you keep your own tested/approved copy for your own safety and back-up purposes.

Spend lots of time waiting. Yes, you should wait for each disc to burn successfully so you can take out the disc and replace it with a blank CD. If you need to make 500 copies, then you wait and do that boring routine 500 times. I’m telling you, it’s not easy especially if you’re in a rush and you’re the impatient type. So if you have a tight schedule (and you’ve announced the release date of your album), better let the pros do it.

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