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The swaying palm trees, the seductive beaches and the warm friendly sun are the three essentials of Goa. Located on the western side of the Indian peninsular a holiday in Goa is a wonderful opportunity to see and explore the rich culture and tradition, fascinating heritage attractions, virgin beauty of the nature and marvellous art and crafts. Goa is the richest state of India. The ancient forts overlooking the sea, splendid churches and the scenic beauty of Goa is all you need to make your stay worthwhile.

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Our priority is our customers’ satisfaction. We can also help you plan your holiday, giving you tips on what’s hot in Rimini and helping you with restaurant reservations, maps and tours. We also offer the holiday packages for those who want a care-free, relaxed holiday, with no stress at all.

This small southern state became popular when hippies came to it in the sixties. Since then, millions of domestic and international travelers flock this place each year and now it is international destination for adventure and fun lovers. Let us learn what the best places to visit in Goa are.

Take the cheap package holiday in it’s entirety. The travel agents who put these deals together do better if they can get quantity over quality. The bigger the turnover, the more they will earn. However, it is just too much of a risk to give up a cheap singapore and bali packages from south africa that is only a few days long. What if no one else buys a package? So it’s only natural that the travel agent want to sell you the long holidays. The travel agencies that create cheap package holidays would love to accommodate a group for a longer period of time. They are receiving a steady income rather than sporadic money from weekend holiday retreats. They charge more money for the short stays but making less money overall.

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