Audi’s At Their Best Bringing You The Audi A3

Audi has always been known for their sleek, stylish and fast cars. And due to the specification of their previous products they have always been categorized amongst the likes of BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes and Lexus. But, since the debut of Audi R8 in 2006, Audi has landed in line of competition with the companies which have a more sports oriented production line of cars such as Ferrari and Porsche. Audi introduced the state of the art futuristic construction, transmission support and suspension technologies combined with the traditional classic sports car design. It is a very different model of Audi as compared to the famous Audi TT. The car was designed especially for the European market, for the drivers who are interested in driving fast.

This fuel additive also improves the engine’s life span. It changes the fuel molecular structure that increases efficiency in combustion. This enables optimum level performance audi car that in turn results to cost savings. What’s more, it has been tested using Aprilia RSV4 and Ducati 916. These two Superbikes were put through a 20 lap track test conducted at Pasir Gudang Johor Circuit (Malaysia). Both motorbikes displayed outstanding results!! Not only will the fuel efficiency improved; there were also increased engine power, smoother acceleration resulting in more power!! Atom Power also kept the bikes’ temperatures down by 15 Degrees Celsius to 20 Degrees Celsius!!

We can choose Audi Leasing who are in the position to avoid tax costs and maintenance costs. In Audi Leasing, at the end of the lease agreement we have an option to buy a new branded Audi Vehicle. Compulsory no need to buy it is an option only. For the leasing purpose one can choose the following different brands of Audi vehicles. The brands list are R8 Convertible, R5 Coupe, RS5 Coupe, RS6 Estate, RS6 Saloon, TT Coupe, A1 Hatchback, A3 Hatchback, A3 Convertible, A3 Sportback Hatchback, A4 Estate, A4 Allroad Estate, A5 Coupe, A5 Convertible, A5 Sportback Hatchback, A6 Estate, A6 Saloon, A6 Allroad Estate, A7 Hatchback, A8 Saloon, Q5 4×4, Q7 4×4, R8 Coupe,A4 Saloon and so on.

Simply download these free repair manuals. They are usually formatted in PDF or Word so you can print them easily. Just follow the steps in the manual and you can surely troubleshoot the problem bugging your Audi.

audi A4 cars are available in two variants such as A4 1.8T (Petrol) and A4 2.0 TDI (Diesel). The features includes in Audi A4 car are high performance engine, acceleration and torque. Both are the luxurious cars by Audi. The luxurious and roomy interiors of modified audi a3 A4 are sophisticated such as trendy instrument panel the small LCD located between tachometer and speedometer displays Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Antilock Braking System (ABS) etc. These all features will give you the safe and comfort ride.

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A new M sedan is all poised to be released as a 2010 model. It is expected to come in M37 (330 hp, 270 ft*lbf, 3.7-liter V6 as seen on the 2008 Infiniti G37 coupe) and M50 (390 hp, 369 ft*lbf, 5.0-liter V8 debuting on the new 2009 Infiniti FX crossover) variations. In 2011 Infinity Q may be released which is expected to be based on the Nissan GTR utilize Infiniti’s new 5.0-liter V8 (390 hp, 369 ft*lbf).

Over the years the company has established itself as winner on the racing circuit both in Europe and America. The latest car even have a white LED daytime running light technology as their trademark. Audi has already planned a hybrid electric car with the Japanese Giant, Sanyo.