A Visit To The Red River Valley Fair – Fargo, North Dakota

The Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana brings many memories to my mind from the past ten years. Why the past ten years? That’s because we moved down to South Louisiana, Baton Rouge ten years ago. Since then, we have made the short trip to the Audubon Zoo more times than I can count. While this zoo is great for children and families, singles or those without kids will have a wonderful time as well. We went as a young couple for many years before our children arrived.

The museum is home to five collections and shows. It is the most famous for its animatronic dinosaur, featuring many dinosaur collections and skeletal remains. There are over 70 collection pieces for visitors to explore.

For example, think of the immense shopping possibilities that you have in front of you. No matter where you like to shop or what kinds of things you like to shop for, you can always find somewhere you would like to stay for a great weekend away that is nice and close to the shops. Think about the West End for example, or the posh stores around Kensington. You can easily find a London Kensington hotel that will put you on the doorstep of some of the best shops in town.

Lie to Me (Fox, 9pm) – NEW! The Lightman Group’s expertise is called into question when a woman plays cat-and-mouse with Cal while he’s checking for security leaks at an art museum prior to a major exhibition. Guest starring Tricia Helfer.

The Zoo’s traditional “Zoo-Plex” will become the “Dino-Plex” with full size and half size dinosaur models, some animatronics models for lifelike action, and exhibits detailing the diet and habits of particular dinosaurs.

Another one of the hotels in London that is close to everything is Norfolk Towers Paddington Hotel by Paddington Station. Paddington Station is a major railway and underground station that will connect you to all the best destinations. It houses The Heathrow Express. Its an express that takes you directly to and from Heathrow Airport. It is also close to many shops and restaurants. Paddington Bear was said to have arrived here when he first came to London. Paddington Bear gifts can be found at Paddington Station.

And finally, the Kiel Opera House downtown has undergone $71 million in renovations and will reopen next year. I remember when the Kiel was the hot spot in St. Louis for concerts, auto shows, and even professional wrestling. It was an acoustically perfect small venue similar to the Fox. A lot of acts like Eric Clapton played there before they became big. I saw him there when he appeared with Ry Cooder. It was a great concert.