A Simple Key For Baby Nest Unveiled

When you consider what you buy and the reasons you buy it can you be a more sustainable parent.

Being an environmentally conscious parent for babies involves buying items and services that are eco safe and child-friendly. The range of products is increasing weekly as parents wake up to the new green revolution.

What can I purchase?

The question that is most relevant to eco-friendly parents is, what should I not buy? However, you don’t have to buy every time products, as you can reuse existing items The less new products you purchase the more eco green your baby will appear! Baby clothes are simple and affordable to purchase secondhand . Because they grow so quickly it is common for them to be seldom used. Other items to search for in secondhand or thrift stores include cot linen, soft furnishings, inflatable baby nests.

These products also minimize the impact on the environment and by taking measures like recycling you will set a good precedent for the future generations. You can now buy most products in a “green” version for your baby, including organic baby clothes, baby food and even green magazines that are made from recycled paper. There is a growing movement by parents to revert to the days of old and use cloth nappies instead disposable ones that add to the land fills. Imagine how many of these nappies are you able to use in the first few years of a baby’s life? Perhaps thousands! Many of these cloth nappy companies are touting convenience, economic benefits, less trash and the comfort of natural cloth over gel and paper against skin that is delicate as one of the many reasons for making this switch. Visit the green directory for companies offering cloth nappies as well as other eco products for babies and the home. Making the choice to use reusable nappies is among of the biggest single things you can do to make a difference. It’s been reported that 2 trees are cut down every year to make pulp for every baby that wears disposables and it takes hundreds of years for them to degrade on landfill sites. Reusables are much less of a difficult than they used be.

When they’re not convenient The selection of eco-friendly disposables is expanding and is better than ever. If you’re considering buying wooden products like high chairs and baby toys, avoid tropical hardwoods. Look for ones made from forests that are sustainable and if you are unsure that you actually need something, don’t purchase it now – just wait and see. Learn more about Handgemaakte babynestje here.