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On the way back to the classroom I realized that the children in this school have much more freedom than I did in my schools as a child. For instance they were aloud to walk back to classes by themselves. They are also aloud to go to the bathroom freely. However they are not void of supervision. There are teachers’ aides in the halls and on the playgrounds. In addition there are older children called “Red Caps” who act as whistle blowers for the administration.

The main task to be completed today was to help volunteers from the UK’s largest bank, Barclay’s, paint and decorate part of the community center that is due to open in a few weeks. It’s an obviously mundane task but it has significant impact on cause that Kid’s Company stands for. Their main goal is to help children who have been abused, both physically and sexually, or children who live in poverty to feel that there is hope and that someone cares. In this way the decorations in the community are meant to lift the children’s spirits. Specifically I worked on a room that was to be used as a relaxation room. In this room the children can receive a massage, talk to an aroma therapist, or do yoga.

What a wonderful way to end my experience at this school. Despite all the negativity I’ve found I was able to work with a great teacher the last day. This class was the same one I had worked with a few weeks ago on a Friday who had had a substitute teacher. So again I found it hard to figure out whether it was the children who were naturally obedient or whether the teacher had some effect.

At the end of the day I got to work with my favorite class of five year olds. They were sitting on the carpet in front of the teacher and talking about what sort of things happen in autumn. One child said the leaves turn lots of colors; another said it got cold. Some students said they start their soccer practice. Whatever they said, though the later was not what the teacher was looking for, she took every answer and made ever child feel like their answer was valid. When they weren’t getting anywhere near what she was looking for, she suggested an answer and sought their agreement. I think this teacher’s method of encouragement worked very well to help the kid’s progress.

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A few good things I have been noticing are the use of the internet on a daily basis and the advanced technology such as an interactive chalkboard linked to the computer. The teachers also try to teach the children good posture and correct them periodically. In addition, at an assembly the principle seemed to know the names of all the children in the school. The teachers also teach respect by requiring the students to call them Sir and me Miss. However, I am beginning to think the bad drastically outweighs the good.

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