101 Ways To Mold Your Mind

Life requires people to be in a constant state of evolution. This is not merely limited to the physical; you can also evolve mentally. One way you can do that is by learning ways to increase brain power. After all, the brain is the mastermind of your body. And given the opportunity, your brain can take you to great heights.

You have a perfect memory. You never forget anything. You may need training as to how to retrieve it through your conscious mind, but it is perfect. You need to exercise this mental muscle.

Where would you be without your intelligence, imagination and creativity? How would you survive without your memory, your intuition or your ability to reason? You rely on these insanité d’esprit succession every day of your life, so where does that leave you if your mind is unclear?

Bob: Well, actually, the book is about the mental environment. People sort of glaze over when I say that, because “the impaired mental faculties environment” isn’t a familiar expression. This is the first book on the subject. I thought about calling the book “Mind Pollution,” but no, I am the person who has recognized the mental environment, and I want to identify my book as the pioneering book on the subject, even though the title may be sort of unrecognizable at first.

Dementia: (definition); deterioration of intellectual faculties, such as memory, concentration, and judgment…sometimes personalty changes. Dementia is caused by organic damage to the brain (as in Alzheimer’s), head trauma, metabolic disorders, or the presence of a tumor.

When we see the world of creatures – the plant and animal kingdom – we see that the principle of consciousness is gradually manifesting itself. Plants are very near to inanimate objects like stone but they are truly throbbing with awareness. The principle of individual consciousness or soul governs and sets the various processes of their life cycle.

Anxiety is not an enemy. Rather, it is your ally. The moment you are able to harness your anxiety, you regain full control of your life. One way to create an alliance with anxiety is to befriend your fears, and own and embrace them without letting them take control. Those fears, whether realistic or not, are part of you. But, give them an inch and they will become your ruler. Fear is a natural emotion, but it can also be a paralyzing emotion, especially if left unchecked.

The beginning of all religions and spiritual movement is directly traced to the efforts to evolve human consciousness and to realize its association with God. We will like to share some of the sayings of Great Ones about soul and God, who have realized and helped others realize God. It is not felt necessary to give the references here.